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La Jolla Children’s Pool Beach Management and Water Quality Improvement Project

At the request of the City of San Diego, Coastal Environments designed a plan to restore the swimming area and water quality of the La Jolla Children’s Pool by reducing the beach width. Approximately 3,000 cubic yards of sand is recommended for excavation to achieve the project objectives to reduce the beach width to historical values and allow the public to safely swim in the pool. Ms. Ellen Browning Scripps granted the pool to the City of San Diego in 1931 to create a safe swimming place for children.

The Pool was constructed in 1931. The shoreline has advanced leaving little or no pool area. Sand accretion has defeated the original purpose of the Pool, which was to provide a safe place for children to swim. In addition, the harbor seals have been using the beach as a haul-out area; Seal feces caused fecal coliform counts to rise and the Pool had been closed to swimming.

A photo history of the Pool was presented in this study. The review revealed that about 3,000 cubic yards of sand has accreted over the 67 years since the Pool was constructed. A baseline survey was conducted in 1998. The sediment to be excavated is located between the run-up line and the back of Pool.

Design of beach-fill removal and placement was prepared. Sediment excavation and transport details were outlined and sand disposal options and methods were suggested. Because of hard-bottom substrate located adjacent to the Pool, Marine Street Beach was recommended for the disposal location. Participation in public hearings was also provided for this high-visibility project.



City of San Diego

Parks and Recreation Department (Dept. 2581 Quivera Court, San Diego, CA 92109)

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