Coastal Oceanographic Engineering

Coastal Engineering

Coastal Environments provides the coastal engineering services necessary to design coastal structures. The firm conducts feasibility studies for siting harbors and other coastal structures, including jetties and breakwaters, and performs comprehensive studies involving lagoon circulation, harbor projects and inlet design. These solutions require an understanding of sediment transport over the continental shelf and nearshore and numerical modeling techniques.

As an example, Coastal Environments conducted a preliminary feasibility study for siting and configuring a major cruise ship complex, recreational boating harbor, luxury hotel, and residential area near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This project included determining the coastal and oceanographic conditions important for final design of the harbor, structure and dredging requirements, and preliminary cost analysis. The harbor project required diverting the lower reaches of the Rio Ameca River bed and river mouth. Coastal Environments provided engineering support for the river diversion and stabilization design.

  • Coastal harbor site selection and design
  • Coastal processes
  • Coastal lagoon inlet design studies
  • Lagoon hydrology and circulation
  • Site selection for coastal structures
  • Sediment transport computations
  • Physical and numerical modeling
  • Wave loading and dynamic response of structures

Some projects we have worked on for coastal engineering include: