Data Analysis and Numerical Modeling

Coastal Environments understands the importance of accurate data management, processing and analysis. CE has extensive experience in time series, statistical and spectral analysis methods important to the interpretation of time series data, such as wave, current, and temperature measurements. Predictive numerical models and statistical models of circulation studies, shoreline changes, and structure loading have been developed at Coastal Environments. Programming services also include statistical analysis of field and lab research data, and design and management of large databases.

CE associate, Dr. Callahan, developed and interpreted first- and second-order auto-regressive errors regression models for estimating effects of a coastal discharge of thermal effluent on irradiance measurements. Principal components were used to investigate currents near SONGS. Nonlinear regression models were developed for studying temperature/nutrient relationships in nearshore waters.

With its associates, CE has completed two-dimensional potential-flow solutions in relation to the flow around an impervious elliptical kelp bed, combined with the longshore flow in the absence of the kelp. This two-dimensional modeling was performed to assess impacts of kelp on coastal currents in relation to a proposed 300-acre mitigation kelp reef in San Clemente, California.

  • Programming, stochastic and time series analysis
  • Statistical analysis and tests of hypotheses
  • Data summaries and displays
  • Directional wave analysis
  • Database design and management

Some projects we have worked on for data analysis and numerical modeling include: