Literature Reviews and Critiques

Coastal Environments associates are skilled at preparing in-depth reviews of the scientific literature and critiques of existing information on a wide variety of marine and coastal issues. CE associates keep current with the technical literature and also maintain extensive personal libraries of both the published and unpublished literature. CE associates have prepared reviews and critiques for regulatory agencies, industrial research institutes, utilities, and in support of litigation. CE’s scientists are experienced at preparing extremely focused studies, such as the effects of individual chemical pollutants to multidisciplinary studies, the concept of mitigation, or the effects of coastal oil spills. CE maintains a strong reputation for independent, unbiased critiques and reviews of environmental issues. CE associates also offer services where expert testimony may be required. Literature from our associates’ libraries are supplemented by preparing focused search profiles, conducting computerized searches of the published literature by accessing commercial databases of citations and abstracts, and by acquisition of documents.

  • Design and conduct reviews of scientific literature
  • Conduct computerized searches of published literature
  • Establish technical libraries on specific issues
  • Conduct searches of unpublished literature
  • Perform comprehensive reviews and critiques of environmental issues
  • Prepare scientific position papers to support litigation