Marine Geology

Coastal Environments offers a wide variety of geotechnical services in both coastal and offshore environments, including: 1) Beach and seafloor foundation investigations for piers, breakwaters, subsea pipelines, etc., 2) Collection and analysis of marine sediments required for channel maintenance dredging and for development of harbors and marinas, 3) Evaluation of coastal erosion and sedimentation, 4) Investigation of sediment dynamics to support studies of marine pollution and water-quality impacts associated with discharge of wastewater and to predict fates of materials, 5) Modeling of sediment behavior (e.g., turbidity, sedimentation, and re-suspension) associated with dredging and disposal of sediments, and 6) Evaluation of seafloor mineral resources.

As an example, Coastal Environments was responsible for conducting a detailed analysis of wave damage, subsidence and differential settlement of marine facilities at Kings Harbor, Redondo Beach, California. Individual benchmarks were studied to determine if their historic movement was altered by local geologic conditions. A review of historical area aerial photographs was also conducted. Sediment cores were obtained in the harbor. Logs of borings, by others, were also reviewed. Bathymetry and sub-bottom geophysical profiles within and around the harbor were collected and analyzed to obtain a detailed map. Cross-sections were created of local geologic conditions, including location of the Redondo Canyon and stability of sediments at the edge of the canyon, the location and activity of the Palos Verdes fault, and the thickness and lateral distribution of compressible sediments.

  • Beach and seafloor foundation investigations for new structures
  • Analysis of sediments for new harbors and marina development
  • Evaluation of sediments for dredging projects
  • Coastal erosion and siltation studies
  • Investigations of sediment dynamics
  • Evaluation of seafloor mineral resources

Some projects we have worked on for marine geology include: